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Thanx's for visiting REDBIRD's Chopper Page!

I hope you find the "Ever changing BLOW-OUT" interesting enough to come back and visit again. The "MONTHLY BLOW-OUT" changes whenever I get around to updating it and may be inspired by other writers. We tolerate all makes of motorcycles and all races here, so if there is a problem with that you might want to hit the road, but you'll never know what you missed! Take a ride around the place and stop in anytime you please. Most important are the readers who have a story to tell and a bike to show everyone else. It doesn't matter if it is a current ride or a story of what life was like back when . . . I love to hear biker's talk about their experiences. So PLEASE send your stories and pictures in for me to make an article out of.

CHOPPER FREAKS out there, join the GEARHEADS international chopper club! Send me an email and I'll tell you how.


"The unexamined life is not worth living." -- Socrates

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